Wednesday Afternoon Food Pantry

Every Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 PM, the Love Kitchen hands out bags of canned food along with other miscellaneous items donated during the week. Individuals may also select from a variety of produce, desserts, fruits, and vegetables to take home for their personal household use.


To get on the list for food bag distribution, you must call the Love Kitchen main number 865-546-3248 on Wednesday between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM. If you don’t get through on the first call, please be patient and continue to call back. We have lots of people calling and sometimes it takes more than one or two tries to get through.

Do not leave a voicemail for Wednesday food bags as this will not get you on the list. You must speak to a Love Kitchen representative who will take your name and address and then give you a number. Please write this number down to help you remember. It is the number by which you will be called into the building to receive your canned food and pantry donations.

There are no requirements for receiving canned food bags and participating in the food pantry. We do ask recipients to bring a valid form of identification if they have one available. This may be a driver’s license or other state identification, a utility bill, a paycheck stub, etc. Anything which lists the name and address of the recipient is acceptable. If none of these options are available, we can make individual exceptions until such a time as a suitable identification is acquired.

Please note: in order to be fair to everyone, we limit high-demand food items to one per household. If two adults live in the same apartment or house, that counts as one household.